December 17, 2007

online converter/direct-to-mobile content...


ok... so it's not rocket science, and the moniker is way cheesy, but kinda cool in terms of elegant simplicity. indeed, it continually amazes me that the major mobile players don't harness these kind of quick and dirty tools to drive consumer awareness/experiences related to what they can actually do with their devices...


December 12, 2007

open. enough already...

so... over the last few months, with a crescendo in recent weeks, google, verizon and at&t have proclaimed their "openness" in the mobile realm.

reality check:

let's start with google's open handset alliance and android OS. whatever becomes of this (and there is promise), remember: openness is not about enabling applications and content (and extending a fixed internet-based business) around a single mobile operating system. openness is about agnosticism.

now, let's consider verizon's "any device, any application" promise. great PR (and again, there's promise), but do recall that verizon's wireless network is designed on a proprietary wireless air interface with a unique set of required specs (less open or at least less scalable than the gsm model). same challenge applies to apps.

as for at&t's "we're the most open network" statements, well, again, promising.. proof. taste. pudding. 'nuff said

bottom line: as was referenced in last week's fortune article on the topic: "open is the new black." perhaps a bit more definition would help..., for whatever it may be worth, how 'bout the following basics as prerequisites for openness...

- freedom to choose a device. any phone. any network. your call (as it were).
- freedom to decide what your device might do. nothing disabled.
- freedom to access content. enjoy YOUR music, video, internet, whatever.

perhaps we might all challenge those that proclaim openness to live up to, or explain why they might not, such simple promises.


cell only users "more likely smokers, binge drinkers"

Survey: 13.6% of American homes have only cellphones - RCR Wireless News

wow. amazing blending of statistics...