October 31, 2007

October 25, 2007

mossberg - "free my phone"...

...i'm not gonna review walt's recent piece on open access - just read it. here.

October 03, 2007

zamzar.com - another video tool

'couple weeks ago i posted a list of various and sundry video-capture-for-mobile-sideload solutions. commenter on that post directed me to zamzar.com as a potential competitive alternative to vconvert.net (which i'd mentioned in my post).

after quick review, some quick observations:

- zamzar converts from flash video url or uploaded video file (various formats accepted, 100mb max limit). the file upload is a nice addition for folks that don't already have conversion software (but at this not-yet-mainstream stage of video capture/convert/upload activity, i'd imagine most anyone who's doing this will already have a desktop solution).

- like vconvert, zamzar features numerous formats to choose from in terms of your converted destination file (and not just video formats...).

- unlike vconvert that converts and prompts immediately for download, zamzar takes your email address and shoots you a note and a link from which to download once the conversion is complete. what i've not tried yet is acccessing that mail and link from the mobile and pulling converted files direct to the device - that could be a nice feature.

- zamzar also has a handy little convert button for your mozilla-based browser toolbar.

in short, another nice tool for the box...