April 26, 2007

aging? nah...

if you're wondering what brought this on, the answer is "nothing in particular" - i was just tickled by the image.

by the way, i heartily recommend the "stumble upon" extension for firefox/flock - leads to finding random images like this one.

and, while i'm rambling - headin' home tomorrow. can't. friggin'. wait.


April 16, 2007

April 13, 2007

mobile memory card recorder

now here's a handy little solution (thanks to carl for the heads up)...

sandisk's v-mate allows you to record video to mobile flash memory cards from a wide range of sources, including cable/satellite/terrestrial set-top boxes and dvd players. then just insert your mc into a compatible portable device and presto: time and place-shifted playback. cool.

sandisk lists a range of video formats for capture and playback and suggests the possibility of up to to 3.5 hours of high quality video per gigbyte. pretty much any memory card format will work with the device, including mini- and microSDs.

needless to say, sandisk straps on the obligatory DRM figleaf - for home and personal use only, and (of course) in compliance with all copyright and applicable intellectual property laws, etc.

all-in-all, not bad for a quick $129...

April 03, 2007

leaving basketball behind...

...ok, so a couple of days have passed since georgetown's rather limp-wristed and ultimately losing performance against ohio state. ah well, sh*t happens, as they say, and the hoyas simply didn't come to play. but what a great season. can't wait 'til next year (and with march madness now behind us, i'll try to get back to more substantive posting going forward).