June 23, 2006

wonkette posts a true classic...

...dad just got re-elected to congress - let's embarrass him before he even gets there...

as classic as the pix are, the comments are even more so...

link to wonkette post "Brian Bilbay's Kids Love Social Networking..."

June 17, 2006

June 06, 2006

"send to phone" for firefox

so here's a cute little retro app - a google extension for firefox that allows you to send web content as a text message to a mobile phone from your browser. the intended purpose: use your curser to highlight whatever text in your browser window you feel compelled to share and then, by clicking on a little phone icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner of your browser once you've installed the firefox extension, send that text as a short message to a mobile phone number you designate. it's simple, but neat. indeed, you don't even need to copy and paste the text you want to forward - just highlight it with the cursor and when you click the phone icon and the window pops up to input a phone number the text you highlighted is already populated in the message window (which you can further edit). keen.

'course how often would i want to send text off a website to someone's phone? probably pretty rarely. but that's the supposed intended use. i just think it's kinda cool to have this icon in my browser that i can use to quickly send off a text message to someone if i don't feel like keying it into my mobile.

link to download the google send to phone extension for firefox.

if you're not using firefox (and i can't imagine why you wouldn't be - among other things this site renders more nicely than it does using IE), then obviously this tool is of little use to you. if you are using firefox then you are probably already well aware of the various browser extensions (add ons) you can employ to enhance your experience. in the odd event that you've not made use of extensions - go to this link for more info and to get started.

June 01, 2006

yet better movlogging...

Watch the video

...from blip.tv (linked). sample video - posted "direct" from the mobile - above (yet another boring shot out my window).

yet another (perhaps better) version of the "pass through" i was looking for ('course that means yet another service - albeit free - to subscribe to). signing up is pretty painless, as is linking to and setting up "auto cross-posting" to an external blog (e.g. this one). there's no application necessary on your device - all you need is the ability to e-mail from your mobile (and I find the yahoo! go solution, which among other things enables yahoo! mail on your mobile - see my january 6 post - more than adequate in this respect). shoot your video and then send it direct from your mobile to the e-mail address that blip.tv assigns you after you sign up and enable cross-posting via the settings described above. presto. your video (mp4 works, by the way) posts directly (well, kinda) to your blog - similar to the shozu solution described below, but with a still image (the start of your video) rather than a shozu graphic. click "watch the video" and it launches in your browser window ("back" key to return to your post). not bad. not bad at all. (i should note that 1 out of every 2 times I tried to post from the mobile I got alerts from yahoo mail telling me the mail had failed, but who knows what the cause of that might be...).