February 21, 2005

moblogging - still imperfect...

couple of times over the last week i've tried to capture an image on the mobile and shoot it along to the blog with a pithy caption to immortalize a moment. each time got an error sms from blogger informing me of some unidentified problem preventing the transfer, accompanied by a not-particularly-useful suggestion that i "try again later." i mean, after all, those moments are gone.

interestingly, a blogging client/app resident on the mobile would, at the very least, in a similar error scenario (e.g. something wrong on the server side or elsewhere), preserve the post, if not perhaps the immediacy of the posting. something to that... ala nokia lifeblog, kablog, etc.

in any event, lost a couple of (what seemed to me at the time) humorous posts, as well as a couple of "i'm sitting on an airplane - look at the wing" time-passers. probably no great loss to posterity. one thing about moblogging - it's gonna encourage a lot of frivolous entries.

in dallas for a couple of days. temps in the 80s. in february. wild.

February 09, 2005

wednesday, must be texas...

nah, it's not that predictable... but, well, yeah, i am in dallas this week.

won't use this post to wax on about how much i hate being away when someone's sick (brogan sporting a monster fever), although, for the record, i do...

sat through an interesting discussion today on convergence in the home. a replay of similar such from the past - except that much of what was surmised then is reality now.

stay tuned.

February 06, 2005

February 04, 2005

wrapping up a week without travel...

what a pleasure. an entire week in the office, time to catch up on paperwork, employee reviews, etc. and every night home to the family, and a fire. sweet.

got feedback this week from a 360 review conducted late last year. i've never been a big fan of these types of exercises - myers-briggs, firo-b, and the like. i don't think that they're terribly accurate and i do think that they encourage people to too narrowly label themselves and others. that said, if you don't take them overly seriously, talking through the results (with whatever consultant you might be assigned) can actually be a bit eye-opening. there'll be some results that repeat output from previous such processes or otherwise validate what you already believe. other results can be a bit confusing, even contradictory. cynicism aside (yeah, right), i s'pose there's some science to all of this and i imagine some accuracy to the trends identified. food for thought, i guess (at which i'm obviously nibbling).

weekend's upon us... later.

February 02, 2005